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In Africa, one of the most searched places is Port Harcourt city, the commercial city of Nigeria. The city’s financial hub is Victoria Island, which is renowned for beach resorts and nightlife. With more than 20 million population, Port Harcourt is the busiest city in Africa without any doubt. Some famous shopping centers have built where you can buy whatever you want. The culinary scenes are also very pre-eminent in the city as there are a lot of traditional-style and international restaurants that open 24/7 for service.

It is the fact that African countries like Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Kenya, etc. are not as appealing and safe to live as advanced European countries, because you need to fight for your survival right when you awake every morning. However, the situation in Port Harcourt isn’t that bad as the people of the city are honest, hard-working, passionate, and fun loving. You can learn a lot of unique and cool stuff from them like their lifestyle, traditional art and crafts, social aspects, and cultural aspects.

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