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The west African city-state, Lagos, is alluring expats from its high-spirited nightlife for ages. The Center of Excellence always becomes more vibrant at the night-time, because of musical concerts, dance parties, and the jam-packed crowd on the roads. Yeah, Lagos is Africa’s highest congested region with 21 million population, and it is expanding progressively. The undeniable truth is folks in the city-state are eminently studious. They work more than their shifts that exhibits how diligent every person is in Lagos.

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Undoubtedly, Lagos has something unique in it that catches the attention of foreigners. The center of the Nigerian film industry, popularly known as Nollywood is also appealing to many travelers. It is the birth-land of many musical styles like Juju, Fuji, and Highlife. We recommend every expat to explore Lekki Market, Ikeja Mall, and Red Door Art Gallery. Even though the list is multitudinous, one can still unearth a lot of sights in a short span of time. You will have fun in Lagos that will become a pleasant and lifetime memory for sure.