Choosing the right airline brand for a flight is very difficult. Isn’t it? Lots of carriers are working all over the universe, but only a few have perceived as trustworthy and pre-eminent brands, and Virgin Atlantic Airlines is one of them. We’re sure you have already heard this name before, and luckily, you will get a chance to learn more with Flights Fare, an online travel booking service, so let’s explore more about Virgin Atlantic that how it can be a suitable carrier for your next journey.

A British airline, Virgin Atlantic, whose head office is in Crawley, West Sussex, United Kingdom, is a trading name of two companies: Virgin Atlantic Airways Limited and Virgin Atlantic International Limited. With 46 fleet size, the renowned carrier often flies to over thirty destinations, and its operating hubs are London Gatwick, London Heathrow (primary), and Manchester (secondary). It uses a combined fleet of Boeing wide-body aircraft and Airbus, and it operates in the Middle East, North America, Asia, the Caribbean, and Africa. Moreover, it also operates seasonal flights from Belfast and Glasgow. The aircraft of Virgin Atlantic comprises three cabins, and these are; Economy, Premium (formerly known as Premium Economy), and Upper Class (also called Business).

Virgin Atlantic has secured the record of carrying 5.4 million travelers, and it became the seventh highest carrier in the United Kingdom back then in 2012. So, by hiring Flights Fare, you can enjoy the reasonable offers of the UK’s well-established, trustworthy, and high-grade airline for your next journey.

Have you ever seen someone, who wouldn’t love to take a flight from an honorable and accredited airline by paying quite affordable fares? Because we haven’t. Yes, we are talking about Virgin Atlantic, which doesn’t need an introduction, to be honest. Operates from the UK to New York, Dubai, and Orlando, it flies to more than 20 international tourist spots (also include islands of Caribbean, Mexico City, and China’s Shanghai). With Flights Fare, get ready to hire the services of Virgin, because airfares are highly manageable and cheap.

Started life in the era of 1980s with its maiden flight from Gatwick to Newark, Virgin is now enjoying the peak of success. Not only the Americas, the Middle East, and Asia, but it also flies to Africa and the Caribbean with honor. Isn’t it intriguing to know the carrier doesn’t fly to or within Europe? Yes, it’s a fact, and the company follows its rules strictly. Moreover, it also operates seasonal flights to not only Glasgow but Belfast, too. Using the fleet size of 46, Virgin Atlantic can take you to over 32 tourist spots. It has three cabins, and you can choose whatever you want to, whether it’s Economy, Premium, or Upper Class. The choice is yours.

It got the title of the seventh highest airline in the United Kingdom in 2012, which exhibits the class and credibility of the brand. Plus, it also has the record of carrying over 5.2 million passengers. For more info, connect with our Flights Fare website.