Because of highly cooperative EgyptAir and other airline corporations, Flights Fare provides a variety of flight packages/deals for adventure-lovers. The digital marketing world has given inspiration to us for making a platform that can facilitate those persons, who find ambiguity in going through the traditional way of reserving a seat for a journey. We couldn’t do it without the help of EgyptAir, to be honest. Let us tell you something more about this notable carrier.

Based at Cairo Int’l Airfield (center), it air-dashes to over 71 places in American areas, the Middle Eastern countries, Africa, Asian region, and European side. It’s a vital member of not only Star Alliance, but also the Arab Air Carriers Organization, and the Egyptian enterprise’s fleet is 54 in size. Boeing jet and Airbus airplanes are in use of the company, and it operates three predominant cabins: First Class, Business Class, and Economy Class. EgyptAir Cargo and Express are two essential brand’s subsidiaries, even though three more are working sound at their level. The others are Air Sinai, Air Cairo, and Smart Aviation Co.

The services of EgyptAir are satisfactory but always remember it doesn’t serve alcoholic beverages on flights. Along with a collaborative and professional staff of 9,000 employees (as per the sources of 2014), the airline tries its best to make an excellent atmosphere for all travelers, and they have succeeded a lot in doing that. Though the carrier has faced a few tragic incidents back then, it’s still among the notable cheap-cost brands.

An EgyptAir official revealed to AIN that its twelve A220-300s on request will serve territorial and residential goals. She included that the aircraft expects conveyance of 15 A320neos continuously 50% of 2020, supplanting the carrier’s maturing A320ceos. Not disinclined to flying a blended armada, EgyptAir in the course of recent years has taken conveyance of nine Boeing 737-800s and six 787-9 Dreamliners.

Egypt Air’s armada of 58 planes comprises of six Boeing 777-300ERs, six 787-9s, 29 Boeing 737-800s, six Embraer E170s, four Airbus A330-300s, two A330-200s, four A320-200s, and the single A220-300. Its EgyptAir Cargo unit flies three A330-200 changed over tankers and a couple of A320-200 P2Fs.


Presently serving 72 household and worldwide goals, EgyptAir as of late introduced administration to Washington, D.C., Kigali, Abidjan, and Doula, Cameroon. As per the EgyptAir representative, the aircraft has started arrangements to dispatch flights to Hangzhou, China.

Egypt Air continued spiraling misfortunes during and following the Arab Spring, which grabbed hold in the Middle East and North Africa in 2011. Fear based oppressor assaults, as well, influenced the travel industry and flying part altogether. In the outcome of the besieging of a Russian aircraft over the Sinai Peninsula in 2015, the British and Russian governments forced travel bans to Egypt, managing a significant hit to the travel industry and, by augmentation, EgyptAir.

The circumstance has improved as of late. The Ministry of Aviation has updated the security offices at all Egyptian air terminals, contributing more than $76 million to purchase and introduce present day air terminal security hardware in Cairo, Sharm el-Sheik, and other worldwide air terminals regularly utilized by travelers.

Accordingly, EgyptAir came back to gainfulness in its 2017-2018 monetary year, giving the aircraft and lenders enough certainty to focus on an armada recharging and an aggressive development plan.